Parent Testimonials

Today I had a parenting “first’ in which I attended a parent teacher conference as a parent instead of a teacher hahaha.. I was a little nervous to hear about how Lucas was adjusting to kindergarten and anxious to find out where he fell on the continuum. His teacher was blown away by all that he had already mastered prior to getting to kindergarten. She let me know that he has mastered some standards that they don’t expect until June. I cannot say enough how amazing his pre-k experience was at OELC. You guys are amazing. You more than prepared him for kindergarten. Thank you for all that you do always!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Emily Minacapelli

I wanted to let you know that we had our first teacher conference the week before Thanksgiving and it went really well. In all the metrics they use to measure Liv’s progress, she is already where they expect kiddos to be at the end of the school year. I wanted to thank you and the girls at Oaks because I contribute a lot of Liv’s success and the easy transition to school to the yrs she spent with you guys. Miss all of you and hope you have a happy Holiday season!


I can’t say how happy we are at Oaks! Our experience at Oaks has been phenomenal. Thank you for developing such a nurturing environment for the children. A great testament to that is when I pull up to drop Maliah off in the morning she says “YAAAYYY TARA!!!!

Lorron Tokpa

We just want to let you know how amazing we think the staff is. Not only do they clearly care for and love the kids, they are very observant and notice everything.  I feel very confident leaving my son with them every day, and it makes us appreciate what great care the kids get at the center. The staff is constantly going above and beyond for the kids and we are so lucky to have them with our little man every day. They deserve praise and we can only hope they know how much we love them and what they do every day.

- Parents

I often think how fortunate we have been to have such a wonderful place for my children to spend their time while we have to be at work. Nothing can be more comforting for a working “away from home” parent, than to know their children are being well cared for by people who have the same values, hopes and dreams for their children as they do. Day care providers are teachers, nurses, counselors and much much more. Thanks to the Oaks Early Learning staff we are truly happy here!

The Harvey's - Parents